A sofa bed is a serviceable type of furniture notable for its ability to fit into different layouts and room designs without consuming any excessive space. This furniture is designed specifically to enable its owners to save room in an apartment or a house. It is quite a cheap solution, taking into account that it combines the functions of a bed, a sofa itself, and, sometimes, even a cupboard. 

Choosing a sofa bed

Sofa beds are useful because they are a multipurpose solution for different types of residence. They are also highly regarded for variability – coming in many forms, shapes, and designs, they can fit almost anywhere. Just choose carefully, and you will have a great addition to the list of reasons to love your place.

A wisely chosen sofa bed can bring a touch of elegance to any room, especially those belonging to the luxury segment - they will look great even in a posh London mansion. Others represent a practical piece of furniture suitable for houses or apartments of cost-conscious owners or those who relish having visitors. Before you make a final choice, it will be helpful to know what types of sofa beds there are on the market. 

Classification of sofa beds

In Housera online store, we divide our exclusive offer for the UK into categories, so you could browse through them easily in search for a sofa bed you would like to buy. The sofa beds differ according to the availability of a storage compartment:

Approximate dimensions of an item depend on the amount of seating area when the sofa is folded. There are:

Dividing sofa beds according to the material used for upholstery gets you to choose between:

There are also various types of folding mechanisms sofa beds are equipped with, so their type of folding may be click-clack, fold out, lift and pull, corner or frame. Colour pattern and shape of a sofa bed are also in focus because they may also be the reason for you to buy a sofa fitting well in the design of your room. Finally, some of the items belong to the luxury category.

Why buy at Housera?

Sofa beds we offer for sale at Housera are:

  • Offered at a reasonable price;
  • Of high quality;
  • Exclusive for the UK;
  • Made in Europe;

If you want to learn more about our offer, please, contact us directly. It will be our pleasure to consult you!

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