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Oregon Sofa Bed


Oregon Sofa Bed

A cosy sofa to sit on and a comfortable double bed with a storage compartment, where you can keep linen or just some things you do not want to pile up in the room, combined in one item that fits well in the layout of most of the UK’s houses and apartments. This is the description of a two seater sofa bed with storage, a useful and ergonomic piece of furniture. It all depends on how you choose to use it, but its design allows it to serve you as two chairs, a full-size bed, and a cupboard.

2 seater sofa beds vary by the type of folding and by the capacity of storage but their main feature remains unchanged – all of them help their owners save space in the apartment. They also come in a variety of colour patterns and styles, so you can find the one matching your taste. All 2 seat sofa bed with storage at Housera’s online store all made of high-quality materials. 

Why buy at Housera?

  • Natural wood and leather are used in the manufacturing of the pieces belonging to the higher price segment;
  • More budget-friendly options are also high-quality, durable and healthy;
  • Our online store is user-friendly and convenient;

Further information is available upon a phone call or via e-mail.