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Olympic 1 Corner Sofa Bed

Olympic 1 Corner Sofa Bed


Delta Sofa Bed


Hamlet Sofa


Hamlet Sofa

Style Corner Sofa Bed (Left)

Style Corner Sofa Bed (Right)


Oxford Sofa Bed 03


Milan-2 Sofa Bed

The red colour is posh and daring, especially if used for leather upholstery, as red leather furniture always stands out like a gem of a house. It catches the eye, like an exclamation mark in the design of a room, showing its owner’s bold and exquisite taste. Nevertheless, a red leather sofa bed is also a useful piece of furniture that saves space and adds comfort to the room.

Coming in various designs and shapes, Housera’s red leather sofa beds fit into different kinds of layouts. Their dimensions also vary, so even if your room is a tricky one, there is a way to introduce a sofa bed into it. 

Why buy at Housera?

If you are looking for an online store based in the UK and offering sofa beds with red upholstery made of natural leather, then you have found what you need. Our furniture is:

  • High in quality;
  • Durable;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Fairly priced;
  • Exclusive for the UK.

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